Providing Convenient Financing Options


JB Financing Consumer

JBFin offers contractors free access to dozens of home improvement lenders to get your customers approved for financing. Over 25 lenders compete to provide the best loan options available in the market. Our state-of-the-art financing platform will offer your eligible customers with multiple loan options to choose from within seconds.


JB Financing Commercial

Many small business are underserved by traditional lenders. However, access to capital can be the key to unlocking growth for your business. With additional capital, you will have the opportunity to fund initiatives that will help you grow your business. Get loan offers that meet your specific business needs from several funders through JB Financing for Commercial.

If you need funds for your small business, accessing capital is important for its growth. Accumulating debt on a credit card is not an ideal funding method. Discover how JB Financing can help you obtain loan offers tailored to your specific business needs from multiple funders.

Our financing programs provide third-party financing with flexible payment plans. We offer a range of options for both customer financing and financing for business owners looking to enhance their business.

Our financing process is designed to be fast and easy, offering various types of financing options. Our application process is quick and painless, and even if you don't have the best credit score, our lenders can offer flexible payment options to help you achieve your goals. At JB Financing, customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we developed our financing programs with you in mind.

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