Having a warranty attached to your HVAC or Plumbing system saves you major $$$$$


Homeowner Benefits

HVAC Systems and Plumbing Systems require regular maintenance. The question is not IF you will need an HVAC or plumbing repair… but WHEN. When system failures happen, you want peace of mind knowing unexpected repairs don't cause unexpected expenses. Although the parts are sometimes covered for a time under a manufacturer warranty, it may be wise to get the additional coverage because Labor Costs are not covered. In fact, a majority of the time, the largest part of the repair expense is the labor cost to fix your system.

With a warranty plan from JB Warranties, you pay for protection in advance of unforeseen repair needs. This coverage is not just for one repair or even a limited number of repairs, unlike many so-called “home warranties companies” offer. With JB Warranties, you are covered for the life of the warranty plan agreement. We also cover all brands and manufacturers! The only pre-qualification for this program is that you must have an HVAC or plumbing system with an install date of 2 years or newer to place a warranty on your system. It's a premium protection plan that protects you against repairs for the life of the warranty.

Worried about deductibles?

You don't need to worry about spending thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses due to a deductible. JB Warranties does not charge or collect a deductible!

Want to switch service providers?

Not sure you want to continue working with your current service provider? As long as you find another registered JB Warranties contractor and they agree to the labor rate listed on the warranty contract, there's no issue. If you want to work with a contractor that is not registered with us, they can go on our website and sign up to become a registered dealer and typically get approved within a few hours. Or give us a call if you need it expedited.

Thinking of moving?

You don't need to worry about the warranty coverage because you'll have a transferable warranty. Our extended warranties cover the equipment regardless of who owns it and are transferable at any time, absolutely FREE of charge. This will make a great selling point and give potential owners peace of mind, knowing you're protecting them from potential financial burdens.

So, if you're thinking of making a purchase on a major home appliance like a new air conditioning unit, hot water heater, heat pump system, etc., make sure to keep us in mind.

Check out our FAQs to learn more about our warranty plans and benefits.

Need to find a JB Warranty authorized dealer? Our authorized dealer network is the largest in North America. With our approach, you can pick from a list of authorized JB Warranty contractors in your area. This ensures you are comfortable with the contractor of your choice and working with a warranty provider you can trust.

Many times, these dealers offer a bundled maintenance agreement for major appliances with our program, ensuring the best care for your HVAC equipment or plumbing-related water heating or filtration systems. Since you already paid for labor repair upfront via a warranty plan, contractors are incentivized to keep your system running as optimally as possible so they can be as efficient as possible with their time and resources in the field.



Average Replacement Part Cost


Average Labor Rate Per Hr


Average # of Hours Charged Per Repair

3 Hours

Average Contractor Trip Charge To Diagnose Issue


Average # of Repairs Per Unit Per 10 Years

3 Repairs

Average HVAC Unit Replacement in a Home


It’s a good feeling knowing that our customers are worry free, we are building repoirt, and our services are backed and funded.


  • JB Warranties are transferable if you move.
  • If your contractor sells or goes out of business, your policy is with us. We will assign it to a new JB contractor of your choice.
  • We pay the claims in most of cases. Our reputation in the industry is 2nd to none.