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Funding for your Business

Many small business are underserved by traditional lenders. However, access to capital can be the key to unlocking growth for your business.

Minimum Criteria

Any business, from small to large, can get access to the needed capital as long as you meet these minimum requirements.


Monthly Revenue

6 months

In Business


Credit Score

Simple steps, big impact.

Get loan offers that meet your specific business needs from several funders through JB Financing
One application for all your funding needs
Receivables Purchase
Lender purchases future revenue from sales at a discount and you pay back over a period of time with fixed daily or weekly payments.
Line of Credit
You can borrow up to a maximum credit limit and only pay interest on the amount of funds you draw from your credit line on a monthly basis.
Term Loan
Lump sum amount lent to the business, which is paid back over a period of time with regular scheduled payments determined by your credit profile.
Invoice Factoring
Sell outstanding invoices to a lender who will pay you a portion of the amount up front. The remaining percentage is held until the invoice is paid by your customer and a fee is deducted.
Equipment Financing
Lender provides you the cash you need to purchase a piece of equipment. You pay back the total amount, plus interest, over a period of time.
Our advisors provide the support you need
• Guide you through the process
• Explain your funding options
• Negotiate with lenders on your behalf

A wide range of options

Whatever your current business needs, JB Financing offers a wide range of financing options.
Term Loan
• Up to $10,000,000
• 6 to 36-months
• Up to $750,000
• 3 to 12-months
Line of Credit
• Up to $10,000,000
• Revolving terms
Other financing options
• Amounts will vary
• 3 to 36-months

Get funding fast, grow faster

With additional capital, you will have the opportunity to fund initiatives that will help you grow your business faster. Once those investments are made, you'll quickly start to see the long term impact.
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How it Works

A simple process to get started on your path to growth.
Fill out one simple application. There's no fee or obligation, and applying will not impact your credit.
Review loan offers with your dedicated funding advisor and pick the solution that works for you.
Get the capital in as little as 24 hours — deposited directly into your business account.
Put the money to work and get back to what you do best — growing your business!


Wondering how JB Financing works? We’re an open book.

Get capital in 24 hours

Complete your application in as little as 15 minutes. Review your options, choose the right offer, and you can get the funds deposited as fast as 24 hours after your approval.
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