Extended Warranty Solutions for HVAC & Plumbing Contractors

Plumbing and HVAC contractors have access to the best extended warranty programs through JB Warranties Premium Protection Plan™. 

For the length of the extended service contract, your customers are protected against unexpected repair costs. The Premium Protection Plan extended warranty solution connects you with plans to cover ALL repair costs of a mechanical breakdown, including parts and labor.

Why Choose JB Warranties’ Premium Protection Plan?

The Premium Protection Plan offers big benefits and terrific features to plumbing and HVAC contractors. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

JB Warranties’ extended warranty solutions can help you give your customers peace of mind. An extended warranty purchased through our Premium Protection Plan can help your customers avoid the financial pains that accompany equipment malfunctions that sometimes occur even with the best products and services. 

Your customers will also appreciate that any extended warranty they purchase through you as Premium Protection Plan dealer is transferable to the new owner at no additional cost if they ever sell their home.

Increase Customer Retention

An extended warranty program can help you lock in customers for years to come. When you offer plans through JB Warranties, your business is tied to the equipment. You are guaranteed service to the system if service is required. Even when your customer sells his or her home, you are still the contractor tied to that system and address.

Generate Additional Revenues

You can generate additional revenues for your business with an extended warranty solution from JB Warranties. Increase your bottom line with a markup on extended warranties during the initial sale and stay locked in as the guaranteed service provider for any repairs required in the future.

What You Get with The JB Warranties Premium Protection Plan

The Premium Protection Plan is an extended warranty solution that

  • Covers all brands
  • Is available in all 50 states
  • Has no deductibles
  • Allows purchase for equipment installed up to 24 months ago
  • Does not require pre-authorization for repairs
  • Includes reimbursable labor rates of up to $300 per hour
  • Offers warranties that transfer to new homeowners at any time, free of charge
  • Provides a simple online dashboard for purchasing and easy claim filing
  • Makes claim payments quickly 
  • Includes customizable literature for free that you can put your logo on

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